Highs and lows of local crime stats

CRIME stats have been released by the South African Police for the period 2017/2018 and it revealed a number of increases and decreases in the Durban South areas, including Montclair, Wentworth, and Brighton Beach.
From 2016/17 to 2017/18, Montclair police station’s jurisdictional area saw a decrease in contact crimes (crimes against the person) which includes murder, attempted murder and assault from 540 to 478 cases reported. Similarly, Brighton Beach SAPS noted a decrease from 424 to 417 cases, however, these crimes increased in the Wentworth area, spiking from 537 to 649 reported cases.

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Crime detected as a result of police action which includes illegal possession of firearms and drug-related crimes reduced in both Wentworth and Brighton Beach, while in Montclair, this category of crime increased by 15.2% with 127 more cases reported than last year.
Drug-related crimes saw an increase of 16% in Montclair which went from 605 cases last year compared to this year’s 703 reported cases. While Brighton Beach dropped by 28% and Wentworth by 3.2%.
Although the statistics might be an improvement for some stations, one Wentworth resident believes the numbers are inaccurate.

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“The crime stats are inaccurate as many cases go unreported as residents are reluctant to report cases when nothing becomes of it – you just become another statistic,” said Wentworth resident, Clint Leverton.
Acting chairman of the Bluff CPF, Andy Rossell feels that Brighton Beach police station has been doing a tremendous job along with the CPF and Community Orientated Policing (COP) in their fight against crime.
“We have people patrolling the areas, making sure crime is eradicated. Sure, there is crime but it is getting better and I can only commend the Brighton Beach SAPS officers. We are lucky they are pro-active in the community,” he added.

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