Bluff flour thieves bagged by alert Metro cop

FIVE men were arrested for the theft of 34 bags of industrial flour on the Bluff on Tuesday, 28 August.
At about 6am, Metro K9 Inspector Heath Morison was travelling along Bluff Road when he noticed a white VW Transporter with no number plates parked alongside a blue trailer with its tarpauline removed. “In the trailer were nylon bags containing industrial flour. He noticed men on top of the trailer passing bags down to others who were placing them in the stationary vehicle. The Metro Police officer contacted his commanding officers to inform them of the situation and request back-up, while monitoring the group of men closely,” said Brighton Beach SAPS spokesman, Capt Louise Le Roux.


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Once the criminals finished loading the flour, they drove off along Bluff Road, with Inspector Morrison in tow. He followed them onto the M4 freeway. They came to a stop on the freeway and the officer witnessed one of the men jump out and place number plates on the front and rear of the car. He got back into the vehicle, which continued on its way. The officer followed them more closely and as they reached the former Clairwood Racecourse site, the criminals were blocked by Metro K9 and Umlazi K9 unit members, who responded to Insp Morrison’s call for assistance.

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The men aged between 36 and 55-years-old were arrested and will face charges of theft from a truck and will appear in court shortly.
The bags of flour were positively identified by the owner and returned.
“There had been several incidents of theft from trucks within the Brighton Beach Policing precinct over the past few months. The modus operandi of this group indicates this arrest will lead to linkages to other incidents in the area,” added Capt Le Roux.

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