City commemorates National Water Week

National Water Week started on Sunday, 18 March and will be commemorated until 24 March, under the theme “Access to safe water by 2030 – possible through nature”. This important week coincides with World Water Day on 22 March, and is dedicated to creating awareness on how solutions, already found in nature, can be used to reduce floods, drought and water pollution.

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National Water Week is an annual water campaign that aims to raise awareness among South Africans about the importance of water and the role it plays in our lives, hence it is important to use it sparingly.

“This year’s National Water Week comes at a time when the country and the City faces a drought situation. A number of water awareness campaigns and interventions were implemented by the City to mitigate the drought and to educate residents about water conservation,” said eThekwini’s head of communications, Tozi Mthethwa.

The City appeals to residents to use water sparingly and encourages them to report water leaks immediately to the 24-hour contact centre on 080 311 11 11 or the WhatsApp line number 073 148 3477.


The City has issued a list of water-saving tips. By adopting even one of the following suggestions at school, your workplace and at home you can help to preserve our planet:

  • Only flush the toilet when necessary.
  • Do not use a lot of water when bathing.
  • Use a container to minimise the waste of water before you go to shower.
  • Use glass/cup and close all taps when: brushing teeth, washing hair or shaving.
  • Use less soap when washing dishes so that you use less water to rinse.
  • Use a container when washing a car instead of using a hose pipe.

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