Tech gadgets and apps to keep your children safe

The safety and well-being of children ranks high on any parent’s priority list. Modern technology has made this responsibility easier to manage. There are numerous tech gadgets and apps which assist in keeping children safe. Below are some of them.

Amber Alert GPS V3

Amber Alert GPS V3 is small enough to fit even in a tiny pocket while tracking your child’s location both indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the world. Amber Alert’s management software allows parents to set geofencing zones in locations where the child should be so they can receive email or text alerts when the child enters or leaves a zone. The device features an SOS button the child can hit in an emergency and the ability to make 2-way calls between a parent and a child.


This is a comprehensive app that helps parents keep track of their child’s physical safety. With this app, you can check the current location of your child at any instance of time with just a click. Some of the features on this app allow you as a parent to send an alert to six contacts from your child’s phone in case of an emergency, parents can also track their child’s social behaviour by getting notification of any inappropriate words used by the child on popular social media networks, etc.


MamaBear is a parenting app that helps you see your family on a map and receive arrival and departure notifications. What’s also unique about this app is its ability to keep children safe online. Using MamaBear, parents can monitor their children’s interactions across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and they can be alerted to signs of cyberbullying or inappropriate language on social media posts.

Cloud baby monitor

This app is the ultimate baby monitor and works over Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth, so that you can easily keep an eye on your baby when you are home or away. Features on this app include high-quality live video, the ability to soothe the baby with your voice remotely, night light intensity control and super-sensitive noise and motion alerts. You can even create custom playlists for your baby using songs, white noises or fairy tales in your iTunes library.


mSpy is a smart app which tracks just about everything kids do on their phones and allows parents to review it at any time. This includes call logs, location tracking through GPS, calendar updates, texts, emails, browsing history, and even new address book entries. The app even allows you to remotely lock a device. Once installed the mSpy runs inconspicuously in the background, hidden from app manager, drawer, or list, meaning it’s perfect for overly-savvy teens looking to subvert monitoring apps.


This app offers useful features such as GPS locations of your family members via their smartphones, a panic button, and alerts when someone enters a preset zone (e.g. gets home). It also lets you check where they have been (location history), where to get help in an emergency (hospitals, police stations), and allows you to have group chats.

Gadgets and apps listed above should go a long way in keeping your child safe.


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