VIDEO: Own your emotions and prevent anxiety attacks

Living in a fast paced world, with every second changing and moving, a person can easily experience anxiety and it can easily suck you in.

Letting anxiety take hold of your life can possibly lead to more serious issues such as depression. There are many things that can trigger an anxiety attack such as crowded spaces, loud noises or any stress-related situation that you are faced with.

But you have to take control of it, own your emotions and learn to calm down. According to there are steps you can take to control you anxiety:

Jogging and exercise: It releases brain chemicals that provide relaxation and improve moods.

Journals: Keep a journal with all your thoughts, goals and anxieties. Writing allows you to release your emotions into the pages as you release your deepest fears.

Magnesium: Stress also depletes magnesium levels so if you were already low in magnesium, your anxiety will make it worse. Strongly consider magnesium supplementation,

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WATCH: Relax and breathe for 10 minutes


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