Stainbank WI learns about cancer

STAINBANK Women’s Institute (WI) president Arlene Greenfield welcomed all members and visitors to the meeting, with a special welcome to Sandra, the Christmas woman.

WI thoughts as always are with any unwell members, including Bernadette and Connie Stringer.

On a sad note, were letters of resignation from three very longstanding members but as always, Stainbank wishes them well. Gladys Pole, Shirley Kruger and Wendy van Eyk are wished well and thanked for all their help at Stainbank WI.

The WI offers condolences to the family of judge Kay Mckee who died very recently.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed. The treasurer read out the finance report. An invitation was received to the Woodlands Christmas party on Friday, 1 December.

Any help for the packing the Seafarers’ parcels on 19 November will be appreciated. The Stainbank Christmas party will be held next month so take along a friend as well as a plate of snacks.

Many thanks as always to the members who made all the booties, beanies and scarfs for the young children in some of the rural areas. They are much appreciated.

After tea, a talk was held by Cara Noble of the Cancer Foundation. She really had some excellent advice to give about how to look after one’s body and especially to watch your diet. She gave a demonstration on how to look for that unknown lump which may appear on the body.

She emphasised how important it is for men and women to take care of themselves and not to just think it will go away. So many people have lost dear friends through this awful disease so members are urged to heed the good advice.

Many thanks as always to the great judges. How about some making more competition entries this coming year, members? A lot of thought is put into the competition ideas.

After the raffles, R40 club and swindles, the competition results were read by the vice president. The meeting closed with the WI prayer and good wishes to all members.

Competition results: First Sheila von der Zon, second Barbara Islley.

Agri and horti: First Sheila von der Zon.

Home produce: First Sheila von der Zon and Aileen Wiggill. Cookery: First Flo Harper. Craft: First Sheila von der Zon, second Barbara Illsey, third Jeanette Turley and Koulla Tsouris. Handicraft: Koulla Tsouris.

Best bloom: First Phyllis Parsonage, second Sheila van der Zon, third Koulla Tsouris.

Best rose: First Phyllis Parsonage, second Sheila von der Zon. Best orchid: Flo Harper, second Phyllis Parsonage, third Sheila von der Zon.

Merit: First Linda Hewer, second Beattie Johnson Webber, third Sheila vonder Zon and Aileen Wiggill.

Total: First Sheila vonder Zon, second Koulla Tsouris and Flo Harper.

Congratulations to members and thanks for entering.

Southlands Sun

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