VIDEO: Non-cow milks products you can try

These days we are allergic to almost everything including cow’s milk or lactose in general. But there are so many other delicious alternatives such as the famous almond milk. Did you know there are many different and worldly products you can try? Some are weird but worth the try:

Coconut milk: Coconut milk is different to coconut water. The latter has received a great deal of attention for its perceived health benefits, and is an important treatment for acute diarrhoea in the developing world. Research suggests the clear liquid has the same electrolyte balance found in isotonic drinks.

Fresh Soy milk (Soya milk) and dried soybean seeds on wooden background with a white plumeria flower. Traditional staple of East Asian cuisine

Soy milk: is a plant-based drink produced by soaking dried soybeans, grinding them in water, boiling the mixture, and filtering out the residues.

WEIRD MILK: Yak Milk or butter

This strange type of milk or butter is actually a staple diet for the Tibetans who use it to make a delicious yak butter tea. It is believed that the amino acids, calcium, and vitamin A in yak milk are considerably higher than in cow’s milk.

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