Meanings behind dashboard signals

We all see them in the car, the flashing lights and the beeping noise. But what does the blinking dashboard signal really mean?  You should know that this is an indication that something is wrong with your car because these are warning signals and you must attend to it immediately. Here  are a few common signals found on car dashboards.

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1.Engine temperature warning light: Your engine is too hot and your car is turning into a hot potato.

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2.  Your engine is running low on oil, or there is a problem with your car’s oil pressure system.

3. This warning light can blink for many reasons. According to Autodealer, this light indicates an issue with your engine. It will often appear if there’s a lack of power or if the car stutters when you accelerate. The issue can be minor – like a sensor cable replacement – but could also be a larger and more costly problem. Don’t ignore the light as this could lead to irreparable damage. Get professional assistance as soon as possible.

4. Battery charge warning: It’s normal to see this light when you switch your car on, but if it doesn’t disappear after a few seconds there could be a problem with your battery, alternator or it could indicate damaged cables linked to the engine. Head to your nearest Battery Centre to have your alternator belt, battery terminals and the overall battery condition checked by the experts.

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