Wentworth set to host new men’s bowls contest

TWO club competitions have been played to completion at Wentworth Bowling Club.

Spider Williams, Hilton Lassak and Geanne Mitchell earned a place on the honours board when they beat runners-up Maree Sadie, Ken Koch and Jenny Greef in the Grace Hare trips contest.

Later in the week Hilton paired up with Ann Bonthrone to take the title in the Roley Taylors pairs competition, winning by a narrow margin over Johnny and Eileen du Plessis in the final round.

The development bowls played on a Wednesday afternoon saw Ken Thomas, Vic Shaw and Julia Venter take top spot. Maree Sadie, Vic McNamara and Delene Fenwick were awarded the biscuits. Margaret Walters and Phil Hill shared the spoils from the 60/40 board.

The Bluff Meat Supply men’s bowls played on Friday morning was won by the drawn team comprising Noel Morel, Buck Boettiger and Albert van Niekerk who accumulated a score of plus 17.

In second place were Brian Smith, Robin de Gouviea and Victor McCreanor. Jumbo Nel, Colin Nicholas and Shaun Sutherland won the day’s sportsmen’s prize. The raffled pork roast resulted in a happy staff member, when Lee heard her number pulled from the bag. Jumbo Nel took home the family-sized beef roast. Julia Venter and Ron Parsonage were winners of the first and second 60/40 boards and Ric Behr and Gerald C Royle took home the second prizes.

This week’s bowls includes the Wednesday Family and Friends development bowls on Wednesday afternoon, the Bluff Meat Supply men’s bowls on Friday morning and women’s drawn trips competition which will start on Friday afternoon at 1.30pm for 2pm and continue on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning, bowlers will do battle for prizes on the monthly Grand Rapid Spur Big Jim competition. Play will start at 9am.

A new men’s competition has been initiated. The men’s senior singles competition will be played on Monday, 28 August. All men club and dual members over the age of 60 are eligible to enter this competition. Play starts at 1.30pm.

Any members of the community wishing to try their hand at the game of bowls are invited to attend the development bowls on a Wednesday afternoon. Bowls is a game for people of any age. The majority of SA’s bowlers are ‘youngsters’ in their 30s, so start early and make a name for yourself on the greens.

The Game Changers kitchen will be preparing their daily specials and the regular pub meals on offer to members and visitors. Contact Marike on 071-594-1225 for further details.

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