Taxi driver’s windows smashed by Montclair duo

A METER taxi driver was attacked and his vehicle was vandalised while he was polishing it on Thursday, 10 August in Montclair by two men.

While the driver was polishing his taxi in Blamey Road, a white Audi pulled up next to him and parked.
The driver of the Audi got out of his car with a glass full of liquid, which he placed on the meter taxi’s roof. When the taxi driver asked him to remove it, the man refused.

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He removed the glass himself and put it on the floor but this sent the Audi driver, who appeared to be drunk, into an alleged rage as he swore the taxi driver and pushed him. “The man did not want to fight and the drunk driver backed off before going into the apartment he was supposed to visit,” said Montclair SAPS communication officer Capt Dereck Vijiam.

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Not long afterwards, the Audi driver returned with another man while the taxi driver was still polishing the car. They broke all the windows of his taxi with a wheel spanner, overpowered and attacked him causing his cellphone to fall out of his pocket which they took before they fled.

A case of malicious injury to property was opened at the Montclair. The two men are still at large.

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