Best apps to block unwanted spam calls

There is not one person that can go a day without saying that they have been bombarded with spam calls. According to Truecaller, an app programmed to identify and blocker spam callers, South Africa is listed in the top five worldwide that receives the most spam calls daily. That is, 15 spam calls per month .

SA ranks fifth on the list of most spam called.

Top spammers in SA include at the top of the list, telemarketing at 39 per cent,  financial not so far behind with 24 per cent and insurance 13 per cent.

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Luckily technology is already one step ahead of spam callers and clever apps such as Truecaller which can be downloaded in the IOS and android app stores are there to identify and block at a touch of the button.

Top 5 best call block apps

  1. Truecaller:
  2. Call Blocker Free – Blacklist
  3. Should I Answer
  4. Mr. Number – Block calls & spam
  5. Call Control – Call Blocker



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