Dogged investigations put criminals behind bars

DOGGED work by Brighton Beach SAPS officers led to a combined 15 years in prison for criminals operating within the area, following convictions secured in recent court decisions.


Constable Samukelo Mamela:

The resolve of Brighton Beach detective services’ Cst Mamela led to two housebreaking arrests and convictions.

The first arrest followed a business breaking on the Bluff in May 2014.

When the owner arrived at the business she found the front door ajar, along with the bathroom door and window. Cash of R4,500, a laptop and other items to the value of R11,500 were taken.

The 30-year-old thief was tracked down to Westville prison. He was also involved in a July 2014 housebreaking in Strand Road where property worth R12,500 was stolen.

On 8 June, the man was sentenced to six years in prison and declared unfit to possess a firearm.

During the second successful arrest by Cst Mamela, the home owner had left his property on 22 November 2016 and was called by his security company a day later, informing him that his house had been burgled.

When he returned home on 5 December, he found goods worth R118,000 had been stolen after the thief broke in through the roof.

Cst Mamela traced items stolen from the home to a second-hand goods store where he was able to identify the thief. Together with an image of the man, the detective visited areas he thought the man might frequent.

After his attempts failed, Cst Mamela took his search to Westville prison.

“Prisoners often use other names or surnames to hide behind. His suspect was already incarcerated.”

He was given a five-year sentence, two of which were suspended, on 4 June.

“Cst Mamela is commended for the manner in which he applied his investigative skills to track and trace the perpetrators.”

Warrant Officer Bongumusa Shoba:

A woman was given a three-year sentence for shoplifting three pairs of trousers, valued at R1,080, from a local mall in June 2014.

She had stolen three pairs of trousers from a local retailer situated in one of the shopping malls

According to Brighton Beach SAPS media officer, Captain Louise Le Roux, the store manager noticed the woman acting suspiciously while en route to the changerooms. Two men moved to distract the store manager, allowing the would-be thief to flee. She was found in a nearby shop with the trousers hidden in her bag.

“Warrant Officer Bongumusa Shoba is commended on his perseverance to track the woman after a warrant of arrest was issued against her for failing to appear in court in August 2014,” said Capt Le Roux.


Constables Sindisiwe Mthethwa and Magugu Mkhize:

A man was given a man was given a one-year sentence after being found in possession of a straw of heroin in August 2015.

He was walking along Shabally Road in Clairwood when he saw a police car patrolling nearby. The officers noticed him taking something from his pocket and shoving it in his mouth.

Cst Sindisiwe Mthethwa rushed to the man and made him open his mouth. Inside the officer found one straw of heroin.

The man also failed to make his court appearance on 12 October 2015 and a warrant of arrest of was issued. “Constable Magugu Mkhize began his search for the suspect, and the 21-year-old man was eventually apprehended during May 2017 and sentenced during June 2017.”


Constable Mlungisi Chiya and Warrant Officer Johan Jonker:

In a second heroin possession charge, a man was given two years in prison after being found in possession of heroin.

While on patrol in Clairwood in October 2015, Constable Mlungisi Chiya noticed two men behaving suspiciously when they saw the police vehicle approach them in Archary Road.

When he alighted from the police car, one of the men ran away, but Cst Chiya collared the second. A search of the man revealed a straw filled with heroin.

Following his arrest, the man did not make his court appearance on 5 January 2016 and a warrant of arrest was issued against him.

“Brighton Beach detective services lead detective, Warrant Officer Johan Jonker’s perseverance saw the 23-year-old suspect tracked and apprehended. He remained in custody until sentence was passed this month,” said Capt Le Roux.

“Brighton Beach SAPS management showcases the determination of our detectives to track those who have committed themselves to criminal activities, to ensure they are brought before a court of law, and face the music. Congratulations to all involved with the arrests and convictions secured.”


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Erin Hanekom

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