Criminals don’t hibernate so keep safe this Winter

PROTECT your family this Winter and keep criminals at bay whether at home or away.

Do what you can to reduce your chances of falling victim to criminals. Keep these safety tips provided by Brighton Beach SAPS’ officer Captain Louise Le Roux in mind:

General safety:

  • Because time of essence in an emergency, store emergency numbers in phone contact lists using ‘A’ for easy access. For example:, ‘A1’ for your security company and ‘A2’ for your closest police station. Other suggestions include a neighbour or close friend, ambulance services or the fire department.
  • Report any suspicious people or vehicles to the police and your security company. Report distinguishing features and clothing and car make, model, colour and registration numbers.
  • Don’t talk or text on your phone when travelling.
  • Look around before making transactions at ATMs and use your body as a shield. Do not accept help from anybody and put cash away before leaving the ATM or banking hall.

Travel safety:

  • Face your vehicle when activating your alarm system ensuring that you view the doors locking and that your indicator confirms activation. Before walking away watch your vehicle for a few seconds to confirm that it was not deactivated. Don’t leave valuables inside your car in plain sight.
  • If you suspect you are being followed, travel to the nearest public place or police station.
  • Change your arrival and departure routes to and from your home and, if possible, times too.
  • When exiting a mall, take the time to look behind you to ensure you are not being followed.
  • Have car keys ready before arriving at your vehicle and immediately lock doors when inside.
  • Look around before entering your premises.

Home safety:

  • If you have the services of a security company, ensure your alarm system is fully functional for activation purposes and is regularly serviced.
  • Never investigate noises or movements. Phone 10111, and if you have the services of a security company activate your panic alarm. Also ensure that all occupants of the home know the whereabouts of panic alarm devices in the home, including roaming devices.
  • Ensure security features at your home are activated correctly when leaving. Close windows, lock security gates and do not leave front gates open.
  • Before retiring for the night, ensure affixed security features are used appropriately. Do not tie up your dog. Your dog is your first line of defence.


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Erin Hanekom

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