Armed robbers caught in South Coast Road roadblock

The roadblocks this weekend

THREE armed robbers were stopped in their tracks when their attempts to avoid a roadblock in South Coast Road was thwarted by vigilant Montclair SAPS officers on Friday, 9 June.

The roadblock conducted by Metro Police and Montclair SAPS netted 16 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Warrant Officer Poobalan Marimuthu and W/O Tiger Ramsamy were performing their duties when they noticed three men get out of a vehicle while traffic was at a standstill. The men were walking in different directions. Their suspicious behaviour led W/O Ramsamy to approach the vehicle when one of the men returned and got back into the car before speeding off.

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W/O Marimuthu caught up with the other man and noticed he had a firearm which he threw on the ground. The officer restrained the armed man as he tried to escape. “The firearm was inspected and was found to be a 9mm Norinco pistol. Three live rounds of ammunition and a pair of gloves were also found,” said Montclair SAPS communication officer, Capt Dereck Vijiam.

On further investigation is was established that the suspicious men had committed an armed robbery in the Umbilo area. The trio were found and detained and will be face charges in court.

“Station management commends the members for their good work and vigilance,” added Capt Vijiam.

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