Wentworth woman speaks out after attempted kidnapping

A Wentworth woman, aged 24, has shared chilling details with the Sun about how she was almost kidnapped while walking to her boyfriend’s house at 8.10pm on Sunday, 11 June.

The woman, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, said the bravery of a group of local women who managed to stop the car she had been forced into saved her life.

“I was walking up Pentego Road, approaching the police station when a car came around the corner. I took no notice of it, only making sure I was off the road. I turned my attention to my phone and the next minute, I was grabbed from the back and forced into the car,” said the young woman.

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She remembered seeing a passenger and the driver of the bakkie. “I started to fight with them, and asked what they were doing but they kept quiet. As we reached Major Calvert, I began to scream and I tried to open the passenger door. I attacked the driver and the other man punched me in the face and started choking me. As I hit the driver, the car slowed down,” she recalled.

Some women who heard her scream jumped into action and managed to stop the car. “I screamed for them to help me open the door. Thankfully, they opened the door and I managed to escape,” she added.
Since the attack the mother of two has not ventured out, not even to go to work. “I have a bust lip, bruised thighs and a stiff neck. I am broken spiritually and hurt physically.


“I have two children and the thought of never seeing them again hurt me,” said the emotional mother.

She pleads with young girls and women to be careful when out walking on the roads. “Always pay attention to your surroundings and never walk alone – no matter what time of day it is.”

Some comments by angered Wentworth women

The vehicle is believed to be a maroon Bantam.

Wentworth SAPS could not confirm the case as there was no report made but the 24-year-old woman who said they had tried to inform the police. “When I got home after the incident, my mother and sister went to the police station. They were told they cannot help, we must wait for the next day and go to the trauma room,” she said.


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