Part 2: Tips on how to enjoy your 20s

Here is more advice for your 20s, from the somewhat wiser 30-year-olds:

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6. Trust
Even if it kills your relationships. Even if it destroys your ideas. Even if you lose your friends. Even if it means you end up getting hurt. Trust people until they give you a reason not to. But don’t be naïve. Some people are out to break you.


7. People
People are the best and worst thing that will happen to you. Some will help you go further, faster. Others will pull you down to their level and help you lose. Most are okay. Many are average. Some are excellent. A few people will change your life forever. Find them. You don’t need a lot of friends or people around you. You need amazing people who do for you as you do for them. It’s simple really, a lot of average friends will leave you feeling alone when you need to feel surrounded by people who care.


8. Value time
Don’t waste time on people who you don’t trust. Don’t waste time with lovers who cheat on you. Don’t waste time with friends who don’t treat you the way you treat them (see point 7).
Do not be late.
Value other people’s time. That means that if you’re late, you don’t give a shit about them or their time and that you think you’re worth more and therefore can keep them waiting. Some people will tell you that it’s okay to be late. It’s not. Some people will tell you that it’s just the way they are. Then you need to reevaluate them (see point 7 above).


9. Fail
Fail a lot. Fail often. Fail at love. Fail at socialising. Fail at making friends. Fail at work. Fail at business. Fail with family. Fail with existing friends.
Fail. But do it quickly and learn a lesson. If you don’t learn something every time you fail then all you’ve done is failed. If you learn something, then you’ve grown. Every time you grow and learn and fail, you get better at figuring out how to succeed.


10. Success

There is no point at which you will have succeeded. Not in your 20s. Not ever. Get over that fact and start building things (see point 2 and combine with point 9).


11. Patience
Be patient. Nothing worth doing is worth doing quickly. Nothing worth building is worth building in a rush. Nothing of value is formed in a minute. Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days.



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Holly Konig

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