Six ways to help save precious wildlife

Today, 19 May, the US celebrates Endangered Species Day to highlight the importance of wildlife conservation.

Although this is an American holiday, it is vital to the entire planet. An estimated 801 species have gone extinct in the world, according to and there are 3,879 species on the critically endangered list.

The African Elephant is on the World Wildlife Funds’ vulnerable list while the African Wild Dog is endangered and the black rhino is critically endangered. These are just some of the animals in Africa in need of protection.

How can you help?

  1. Try avoid using products that are harmful to the environment. Recycled and recyclable goods are always the best option. And try to recycle where you can.
  2. Don’t buy anything that comes from an endangered animal.
  3. Look into reducing your carbon footprint in your home. Reduce your electricity consumption and save water where possible.
  4. Volunteer your time at wildlife sanctuaries, join a wildlife organisation, or donate to wildlife charities.
  5. Learn about the endangered wildlife in your locale and find ways to help out.
  6. Avoid herbicides and pesticides. These are deadly to many wild animals.


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Erin Hanekom

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