Baby Irene recovers from brutal assault

TWO months after being brought in to the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW), Irene, the monkey infant who was dragged over hot tar is recovering.

Irene suffered severe burn wounds on her feet, she was dehydrated and had puncture wounds after she was assaulted by a group of boys in Mtunzini on Wednesday, 15 March.

“Irene has joined the rest of the nursery group of about 10 babies. At a later stage, the group will be joined with the older babies and then moved to the bigger enclosures as a troop.

“As primates are social animals, it is important to build a sustainable troop with adult males, females and juveniles. It takes about three to four years for a troop to have properly settled in,” said CROW marketing and communications officer, Chandré De Bruyn.

“After bonding as a troop of about 28 monkeys, they will be released on a farm where regular supervision is conducted to update CROW on the progress of the troop.”

Chandré urges anyone with information on the availability of sites in KZN for the release of wildlife to contact CROW by calling 031-462-1127.

“Without the support and vigilance of the public, CROW would not be able to achieve what we do. On behalf of CROW, we thank and congratulate everyone involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of baby Irene.”


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Erin Hanekom

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