Hijackers nabbed after N2 chase

BLUFF police assisted to track and recover a car that was hijacked in KwaMakhutha after giving chase at about 10am today (Tuesday, 16 May).

A Brighton Beach SAPS member spotted the suspicious-looking vehicle at a Bluff butchery and did a vehicle check, which confirmed it had been hijacked recently in KwaMakhutha.

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However, when he got to the location, the vehicle and it occupants were gone.

The vehicle description was circulated on all crime groups. “Our team responded in search of the vehicle and patrolled the Prospecton and Isipingo area,” said ET Rapid Response member, Ashley Naidoo. “A short while later, the team was informed that Brighton Beach officers, Sgt Jooste and Warrant Officer Engelbrecht were chasing the vehicle on the N2 southbound.”

The tools used to break into cars.

Brighton Beach and ET’s response team worked together and boxed in the hijackers, forcing them to pull over on the N2 just before Galleria.

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Three men were arrested and it was discovered that one of the hijackers had previously been charged for vehicle theft.

Car breaking tools were found inside the vehicle and were confiscated.


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