(WATCH) : Criminals rob mall shop in under a minute.

A cut scene from the CCTV footage

IT is believed the ‘hammer gang’ who have struck with a similar modus operandi in mall robberies across Durban were responsible yesterday’s ( 11 May) robbery ar Montclair Mall.

At about 6.15am a computer shop on the ground floor of the mall was broken into and robbed of two big screen televisions. According to mall manager, Elisha Kisten, it took the criminals under a minute to enter the shop and steal the items. “I can confirm the robbery did happen and no security guards were injured,” she said.
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Owner of the shop, Brandon Pillay said this was not the first time his shop has been invaded by criminals. “This is the third time my shop was robbed and I feel like there should be more security at the mall. Where my shop is situated is a dead space but I think there should be someone in the control room watching the cameras.

The mall opens at 6am, so these men used this window of opportunity to break down my doors and cut the chain to gain entrance. They made off with two TVs, an iPhone and tried to take a laptop but they seem to have been distracted. I found out about the robbery when armed response alerted me,” said Pillay.


One of the robbers can be seen in the CCTV footage

CCTV footage of the robbery has been made public.

In the video, two men can be seen running into the shop and pulling the TVs off the walls. Another man enters the shop and is handed the TV by his criminal friend. All this happened under a minute.
Five men were said to be involved in the robbery,  according to Montclair SAPS spokesman, Capt Dereck Vijiam. “In situations like this, we urge security guards to be cautious and alert, take a pro-active stance but don’t confront them as you don’t know if they are armed. We don’t know yet if the men are the same ‘hammer gang’ who are targeting malls across Durban but the modus operandi appears to be the same,” said Capt Vijiam.

WATCH: CCTV footage of Thursday’s robbery:


WATCH: Last year’s robbery at the same shop:


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