Don’t be alarmed when you notice a Spotted Bush Snake

The Spotted Bush Snake, also known as the Variegated Bush Snake, is totally harmless and without a doubt the most commonly encountered snake in the Durban area.

The Spotted Bush snake slithers away

“Usually not measuring more than one metre long, these snakes don’t have fangs nor do they have venom glands. However, they do have quite a few sharp little teeth, but these teeth are seldom able to pierce human skin. This makes these snakes totally harmless to anything but its prey, geckos and small frogs, these are caught and swallowed alive,” said Bluff snake expert, Warren Dick.

Their favourite prey is geckos. This fetish for geckos brings these little snakes into direct conflict with humans daily. They will go wherever their food can be found and more often than not, its into human habitats. When disturbed these snakes move very quickly in the opposite direction and can vanish into the smallest spaces.

When it comes to green snakes, people usually always have one snake in mind, the Green Mamba, and every green snake that they see is a Green Mamba. “As a general rule, if the snake is less than a metre long and thinner than your index finger, its harmless. Fatter than a broom stick or longer than a metre, then you may have something to be concerned about,” he added.

For more information, call or WhatsApp Warren Dick on 072-211-0353.

WATCH: A spotted green snake fights its  prey


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