Register your second hand business, warns police

ENSURE your second hand business is registered correctly under the Second Hand Goods Act (6 of 2009), warns Brighton Beach SAPS.

All auctioneers, general dealers, motor vehicle and other repairers, panel beaters, pawn brokers, recyclers, charity organisations selling donated goods and dealers in antiques, communication equipment, electronic equipment, house hold goods, motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts or accessories, scrap metal, second-hand books and tyres must register according to the Act.

“Any person intending to apply for registration as a dealer or recycler in terms of sections 2 and 3 of the Act must obtain the relevant application form from the office of the designated police officer or the official internet website of the SAPS at and complete and sign the applicable SAPS 601: Application for Registration as a Second Hand Goods Dealer/Recycler form,” said Brighton Beach SAPS media officer, Captain Louise Le Roux.

She adds that applicants should look at the Second Hand Goods Act and the Second-Hand Goods Regulations dated 3 April 2013 (no. 35220) for reference.

“Should anyone conducting business in the above-mentioned types of fields mentioned be of the opinion he or she does not fall within the ambit of section 1 of the Act, they should communicate with Warrant Officer Anton W van der Merwe on 031-451-8000 or  [email protected] to avoid any possible misunderstandings or prosecution for non-compliance.”



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Erin Hanekom

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