Eric wins Wanderers BC snowball

By Bolt-on-Wanderers

WEDNESDAY saw the Lynn Wild pairs sponsored by Rawsons Montclair take place at Wanderers Bowling Club.

Ronnie Hook and Robbie Carr claimed the top spot with a 4+17.

Sessions went to Tommy and Andy Cloete, and Chris Pozyn and Chad. Keith Wild claimed the meat raffle, and Honey and Kurt claimed to 60/40 board. The weekly lotto is now a carry-over of R801.

Friday’s various meat pack winners were: Lamb pack – Martin van Staden, beef – Martin van Staden, pork roast – Darryn H, rump – Dianne Swan, chicken pack – Sagie Naidoo, chicken – Hennie.

The snowball was won last week with Eric Smit claiming the R2,600 prize. This week Toffee Kemp was not present so the R500 was a carry-over.

The Friday Lotto was a carry over with no-one guessing the winning numbers, and the pool is now R385.

The joker draw was won by Samantha again, but she unfortunately could not turn the correct card. She did however double her spot prize to R100.

The annual VC Memorial will also be held on Monday, 1 May. Two bowlers or two non-bowlers are encouraged to enter by calling Jeff for further information on 082-808-7793.

The annual Dan Draper tournament takes place this year from Monday to Friday, 3 to 7 July. Richard and Jean are currently preparing the invites, so get your teams together. Thoughts and prayers are extended to those members on the recovery list, get well soon fellow Wanderers.


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