Destruction of gardens deplorable

EDITOR – In the past two years I have been involved in the sale of two properties, my own and that of my late parents.

Yet in both cases environmental degradation has followed the transfer of ownership.

In both cases the prospective new owners made glowing remarks over the properties’ well-developed gardens; one even described the garden as a major selling point.

Yet within days of transfer of ownership, total war commenced on the green environment within both properties.

Everything that grew out of the ground was cut down. One of the new owners even proceeded to decimate the trees growing on the verge. Fortunately a Parks and Gardens official intervened and pointed out that it is illegal to tamper with any tree growing on a verge, as verges are council property.

The difference between living in a flat and in a house is one of space and environment. Surely the shade of trees, their blooms and the habitat they provide for bird life along with the mini ecosystems of shrubs and plants in a garden are better than a window box in a flat? If not, then why not just live in a flat? And to the garden destroyers who claim that shrubbery and trees pose a security risk, then they should rather live in a block of flats.

The Bluff, like other suburbs in the SUN circulation area, used to be a leafy suburb but that is fast changing.

It’s a transformation that is to be deplored.



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