Keep your guard up, warns police

MONTCLAIR SAPS has urged the community of Montclair, Yellowwood Park and Woodlands to be vigilant and cautious of who they allow on to their property.
“When you hear a knock on the door, first identify who the person is before opening the door,” said Montclair SAPS communications officer, Capt Dereck Vijiam.

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“Be aware of criminals posing as municipal workers or repairmen. You have the right to ask for identification or even call the company to find out if the person is employed by them. Take every measure to ensure you are safe and don’t let anyone on your property until you are sure they are legitimate,” added Capt Vijiam.

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Motorists using the on and off ramp from Higginson Highway onto the N2 north and southbound are warned to avoid leaving their windows open when approaching a stop street, intersection or traffic light. Montclair SAPS has noted an increase of theft out of vehicle and hijackings in these areas.

“Protect yourself and your passengers by not making yourself an easy target for criminals. Close your windows, lock your doors and keep all valuables hidden,” he said.



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