WATCH: Sneak a peek of Colourful production

Talisa Cornwall with cast members Sherwin and Tebogo rehearsing for the controversial Colourful dance production

WITH just two days to go until the dance production Colourful is staged at the Playhouse Drama Theatre, choreographer, Jarrad Watson has given Southlands Sun a sneak peek of the show.

The show will include a variety of dance styles that is guaranteed to keep the audience at the edge of their seats on Saturday, 22 April. The production is being hosted under the auspices of the Wentworth Arts and Culture organisation professional development programme and is supported by the NAC.

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Choreographed and directed by Watson, the show includes a vibrant and diverse cast of seven dancers and one poet. The cast uses a unique artistic style to narrate a story about the transition from apartheid to democracy with the fusion of contemporary dance, hip hop dance and poetry.

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Speaking about the show, Watson said, “Audiences will be taken through a journey of nostalgia with the quality of movement, classical and hip hop music and props that depict the social ills and struggles of all South Africans during the apartheid era and in today’s democracy.”






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