Eleven nature Instagram accounts to follow

NEED some inspiration to liven up your nature and wildlife photography?

These are some great Instagram accounts to follow for all things wild and beautiful:



An America-based photographer who enjoys taking pics of the natural world.

A weekend in Montana..

A post shared by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on

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Animal Planet:

The Instagram account for popular TV show, Animal Planet.

Is #FrogFriday a thing? It should be… . . . #frog #frogs #tropicalfrog

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This photography-lover snaps animals and people in their everyday lives.

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A travelling photographer with gorgeous photos of the natural world.

No two dunes will ever be the same.

A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

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A Dutch photographer with some interesting floral photographs.

Those quiet moments…

A post shared by Claire Droppert (@claireonline) on

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There are amazing underwater photographs to be seen on this Instagram account.

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This Norwegian photographer has striking images of the Northern Lights among others.

In the stillness You are there.

A post shared by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on

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Outdoor Photography Guide:

This is the Instagram account for online site, outdoorphotographyguide.com, which offers snaps on nature as instructional guides for photographers.

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National Geographic:

The Instagram account for the world-renowned National Geographic photographers to showcase their stunning images.

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A Swedish photographer who loves nature and portraits.

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If you love the cuteness of tiny, baby animals, this the Instagram account for you.


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