MEC Kaunda empowers Wentworth pupils

MEC Mxolisi Kuanda addresses the pupils at Umbilo Secondary

PROVINCIAL MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Mxolisi Kaunda visited Fairvale and Umbilo Secondary on Wednesday, 19 April. The MEC was joined by the Wentworth SAPS, who conducted a search for drugs and weapons.


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To promote education and a healthy, drug-free life, Kaunda addressed the pupils in each class and encouraged them to stay away from social ills.

“Wentworth is a notorious area known for its social ills. We are here to support and help youth create a better life. Do not become part of the sheep who are led into the world of drugs and violence. Create and follow your own path to success,” said Kaundu.
In light of the recent suspicions of drug trafficking among pupils, Kaunda said, “Drug lords are in control to make profit. They don’t care about you or where you are heading.”

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During an assembly, he also motivated pupils to stay in school and work towards a vision for their lives.


WATCH: MEC Mxolisi Kaunda inpsires the pupils of Umbilo Secondary




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