‘Ka-ching’ for Durban this Easter

ABOUT 360,000 people visited eThekwini during the Easter holiday period, adding upwards of R1.5-billion to the city’s coffers, while more than 20,000 people were rapped over the knuckles and fined in the same period.

“As part of the city’s safety and transport management plan, law enforcement officers ensured motorists abided by the rules of the road and that those enjoying themselves at our various recreational facilities, did so within the ambits of the law,” said eThekwini municipality head of communications, Tozi Mthethwa.

Multiple road blocks throughout the city netted 266 motorists for drunk driving, 15,583 for speeding and 5,045 for other infringements. According to the municipality, no major accidents were reported.

“Preliminary and projected figures indicate 360,000 tourists came to our shores.”

Mthethwa said R1.5-billion was contributed to the city’s coffers.

“This in turn created or sustained 3,100 jobs in the tourism sector.

The average hotel occupancy was 70%. The projected figures relate to the period 1 April to 1 May 2017, which includes the school holidays and the two long weekends.


Over 400,000 patrons visited our beaches. Although the beaches were packed, bathers were generally well-behaved. No drownings were reported.”

Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer commended security and emergency services for their skilful work over the Easter weekend. “Indeed it was a hectic long weekend with people gradually coming in and out of the city.

Although there was a decrease in fatalities during the Easter holiday, a lot still needs to be done to ensure all road users reach their destinations safely. We appeal to all motorists to exercise extreme caution while travelling on the road, fasten your seatbelts, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and be patient with other road users,” she said.


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Erin Hanekom

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