Montclair police warns against opportunist criminals

MONTCLAIR police warns all residents of Montclair, Woodlands and Yellowwood to keep all doors, windows and gates locked during night and day.


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There are too many crimes committed due to opportunist criminals who gain easy access to unsecured homes.


“Before you sleep lock all possible entry points such as doors, gates and windows. Don’t provide the criminals with an easy target. Especially when you leave your home to go to work or on a day out, double check that your home is secured,” said Capt Montclair SAPS spokesman, Dereck Vijiam.


Tips to safeguard your home:

Make sure all locks are secured and not faulty. Replace any troublesome locks.

Don’t leave any valuables visible for outsiders to see. Put all keys, money and jewellery in drawers and cupboards.

Arm all alarms and do regular maintenance checks to see if security systems are in order.

Don’t investigate strange noises at night, such as running taps, it could be a ploy to distract you from the criminal activities happening in your premises.

Invest in burglar guards for your windows. While windows may will be left open because of the heat, it doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to potential prowlers so secure your windows with good quality security bars.

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