Renew your MUVO bus cards

SOUTH Durban residents who rely on the city’s public bus transport network should check their MUVO cards for upcoming expiry dates.

Municipal bus service users need to renew their MUVO smart cards as the system celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Like any smart card the cards, which are used on Durban Transport, People Mover and Mynah buses, come with an expiry date and need to be replaced every few years. Those issued in 2012 will expire either at the end of April or July.

If your card expires this year you can have it replaced for free until the end of August. If you have not replaced it by this date, you will have to pay R20 for a new card.

Cards will not work after the expiry date, however any unused trips will be transferred to the new card immediately if swopped before the expiry date or up to seven days later if renewed after the expiry date.

Take your identity document to and mobile Muvo Smart Van or paypoint to renew your card.

These are the first set of expiries and transport users are urged to check their cards for future expiry dates to ensure they renew them in time.

For information, call the customer care line on 080-000-MUVO/6886; go to; see Facebook muvocard or find them on Twitter @muvocard.

eThekwini Municipality Transport Authority unit staff, (L-R) Thandokazi Sibulo, Luendran Govender and Erica Ludick encourage commuters to check their MUVO cards for an expiry date, and it expires in April or July, they can be swopped out free of charge before the end of August at any mobile MUVO SmartVan or Paypoint.


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Erin Hanekom

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