Vertigo warnings for weekend hikes

DURBAN Ramblers Hiking Club will enjoy the view in the Nkonka trail in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve on Saturday, 22 April.

Call hike leader Abdullah on 084-478-6779.

The hike goes steeply up forested paths, across Bridle Road to the escarpment, along veld, past some of the most spectacular view sites in KKNR and steeply down to the Nkonka Falls.

A short wooden ladder on the route justifies a vertigo warning. Meet and park at 1.45pm at the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve main picnic spot (152 Kloof Falls Road). Reserve entrance fee R25. Drinks afterwards at the Nature Café in Kloof Falls Road.

This hike of about 9km is graded three, strenuous.


On Sunday, 23 April the ramblers take on a scenic hike to Old Baldy (iSithumba).

Call hike leader Abdullah Dada on 084-478-6779 (SMS/ WhatsApp); [email protected] This is a scenic hike through the rural iSithumba village, along the Umgeni River followed by a steep climb up ‘Old Baldy’ (400m altitude gain) for some breathtaking views of the valley. There is one section near the top that involves scrambling over granite boulders. Donation/entrance fee R20 members; R30 non-members. Petrol sharing R20. Meet at 7.30am at Maytime Centre (20 Charles Way), Gillitts or at 8.15am at iSithumba Adventure Park (15030 D1004 Road, Ximba).

This 10km hike is graded four or strenuous, and it carries a vertigo warning.

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