Thieves target stranded Clairwood motorist

MONTCLAIR communications officer, Capt Dereck Vijiam advises motorists to call 10111 if they break down in isolated places.

There has been a worrying spike in robberies while the victims are stuck on the side of the road. Criminals are targeting breakdowns as they see this as an opportunity to steal or loot the vehicle.

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On Thursday, 6 April at about 5pm, a motorist travelling in Pinedene Road, Clairwood broke down. He got out to inspect his car when six men approached him.

One man pointed gun at him while the others searched his pockets and the car.

“Once they were done, they fled on foot. The driver had a gun in his car, which he produced and shot at the fleeing thieves,” said Capt Vijiam.

He missed and they fled with an undisclosed amount of money, cellphones, a wallet and a firearm licence.

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There were no injuries reported.

“If you do break down, stay in the car and lock the doors. Call 10111 for assistance and for them to patrol the area. If you can still drive the car, try drive to a well lit and safer area. It is becoming a criminal trend for thieves to attack stranded drivers,” added Capt Vijiam.


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Lauren Beukes

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