Who did it and who fixes it?


Who did it? Was it you?

Who is responsible for the rubbish on the streets, verges, caught up in hedges , trees, shrubs and in the parks. That is to say nothing about the alcohol and cold drink bottles.

How many of you are responsible for this filth and the slow degeneration of our suburbs?

Is it you blatantly flaunting the municipal bylaws by drinking in public and or littering everywhere you go?

Who fixes it?

Certainly not our local municipality. They can’t even supply bins along the main road in our suburbs for people who actually want to use them or empty the few that are there.

So then who will clean up our area?

The continual degeneration of our suburbs is a sure way to devalue our homes and attract criminals. Sadly many people just don’t care and go about their daily lives oblivious by choice to what our suburbs look like.

Who enforces the bylaws in our area?

Well the answer to that one is ‘nobody’ and that is the reason we live in filth, with litter literally everywhere and streets that have weeds and grass knee high and bigger.

Parks department are responsible for many of our parks. They do the very basics like cut the grass. That is why the Montclair Park has become the second dump of the area. The park is also a place to go to when you need to drink alcohol, take drugs, have sex, plan crimes, sell drugs, are homeless, discard rubbish, park taxis, repair taxis, need the toilet (no facility), just hang out, exercise or take a dangerous shortcut.

They actually have the rules for the park up on a huge board but obviously these don’t apply from what I have observed.

If the Glanville dump is closed residents have no qualms about just dumping their rubbish and garden refuse on other people’s verges or the park and drive on, feeling very proud that they got rid of their rubbish.

Don’t tell the residents to get involved with an area clean-up when not even the people that are paid a salary to do so don’t do the work they are employed for.

Who enforces the law in our area?

Well SAPS and Metro Police do.

  • Why then do we have this blatant, defiant drinking in public?
  • Why then do we have heavy transport in our area in the evenings?
  • Why do we have vehicles treating our roads like racetracks?
  • Why do we have overloaded children transporters?
  • Why do we have unroadworthy taxis and children transporters?
  • Why do we have drunk children transporters?
  • Why do we have practically all available space turned into taxi waiting areas, including the pavements.
  • Why do the taxis think the road rules don’t apply to them?



  • Why do the police take so long to respond?
  • Why do we only have one patrol vehicle for the whole residential area of Montclair police station – Montclair, Woodlands, Woodhaven and Yellowwood Park?
  • Why are people treated like suspects or given the wrong advice when going to open a case at the CSC?
  • Why doesn’t the van ever respond to certain call-outs?

Back to Basics is the current police motto. Well they need to show the community they operate in that they are doing just that.

Do you have solutions to any of the above?

Do you want to voice your opinion on any of the above?

Let’s inundate our ward councillor Gavin Hegter with calls, emails or both and start getting a solution to all of the above.

Gavin Hegter is our voice.

His cell number is 072-821-1917 and email at [email protected]



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