Water cuts remains as #DurbanFire strains supply

THE old water restrictions  that curbed Durban resident’s water use for several months are to remain in place, according to eThekwini Municipality.

As a result of the recent storage fire, the water supply has taken strain after the fire raged on for six days and counting. According to the municipality firefighters’ efforts were affected by low water pressure in the area. The pressure had been turned down due to drought-enforced water restrictions.
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Since early 2016, when the Department of Water and Sanitation considered increasing the restrictions from 15%, to 20%,  the city implemented citywide stage 3 restrictions. That schedule remains as follows: Stage one (current) – Daily night shutdown from 9pm to 4am, stage two – daily shutdown from 7pm to 4am and stage three – daily shutdown from 7pm to 6am.

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The municipality urges residents to refrain from using sprinklers, hosepipes, filling their swimming pools, and washing their vehicles using hosepipes during this time.

Some gardening tips:

  • Choose indigenous and drought-tolerant plants for your garden, ideally plants that are suitable for your climate.
  • Water your garden less often, but more thoroughly, as deep, infrequent watering encourages deep roots, making your plants less dependent on you.
  • Create water basins around shrubs to collect water.
  • Coat the inside of porous terracotta pots with a sealant to stop moisture loss.
  • Plant annuals and other plants with high water needs in containers rather than in masses.
  • Use hard landscaping materials, such as logs, pebbles or gravel, to create features which allow water to flow through them and into the soil.


The city will deal with illegal connections, high consumption and illegal car washes. Penalties will be imposed on those who do not adhere to the restriction rules imposed.

The public is encouraged to report all leaks, illegal use of water and bursts on the following platforms

  • Customer care line: 080-1313-013 or
  • WhatsApp fault report line on 073-148-3477,
  • SMS 43554 or
  • email [email protected]


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Lauren Beukes

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