#DurbanFire: What we know so far

PHOTO: Rescue Care

WHAT we know so far about #DurbanFire:

⦁    The fire broke out at about 9am on Friday morning, 23 March.

⦁    Businesses in the adjacent area were evacuated for safety reasons on Friday afternoon.

⦁    Wax panels and plastic were being stored in the warehouse style depot, which is said to be in excess of 200,000 square metres in size.

⦁    Roads surrounding the fire including the M4, Edwin Swales Drive and South Coast Road, were closed on Friday night, as the fire intensified and threatened to spread to surrounding facilities. They have since been re-opened.

⦁    Of the 41 fire vehicles onsite, 35 were fire trucks and six were support vehicles. There were also 125 fire personnel on duty.

⦁    Disaster management teams are at the scene.

⦁    The smoke could be seen as far away as Shongweni and Umhlanga.

⦁    The wind and atmospheric conditions kept the smoke away from most  residential areas.

⦁    Three people were injured, two of whom were firemen.

⦁    Rumours of mass local evacuations were quickly laid to rest by authorities.

⦁    There has been a renewed call for an emergency evacuation plan,  following fears of danger to local suburbs.

⦁    Residents worked together to support the emergency crews, donating food and drinks. Collections by locals and people from the greater Durban area keep coming in to support the firemen.

⦁    Health officials are monitoring the air pollution and impact on the environment.

⦁    The fire has been contained but it is expected to take some time to extinguish it entirely.

⦁    A report is expected within the next 14 days on what caused the fire.



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