Firefighters halt spread of #DurbanFire

PHOTO: Rescue Care

THE spread of the Bayhead warehouse #DurbanFire has been contained, thanks to a plan to separate the hot zone from the flammable wares.

BREAKING NEWS: Fire rages at South Coast Road factory

A message sent out to emergency respondents today from Disaster Management stated that the hot zone was successfully separated from the hay bales and and ammonium.

“A grader was brought in for this purpose. Thus fire spread has been contained. So the flame is restricted to the wax section currently.

In essence, the plan is to allow the wax to burn out,” it read.

“The SW wind is prevalent today but not as strong as yesterday and is estimated at just under 20km.

Rainfall or overcast conditions are the order of the day. However it will be light showers.

Our advisories will be to disseminate information regarding filtering of air if the plume drops. Currently it is tracking out to sea and still fairly high. Any change of plan will be communicated promptly.”

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