SPCA not probing pitbull attack

Paramedics are on scene treating the injured dog and women

THERE are multiple avenues for action to be taken in the wake of Friday’s pitbull attack on the Bluff.

Many people have called on the SPCA to investigate the attack and take action.

However, Durban and Coast SPCA marketing manager, Lindsey Concer said the case has not been reported to them.

“The SPCA would not get involved in this case unless there are any reported welfare issues for the animals. Pets escaping their property and roaming the streets is a by-law issue, so cannot be enforced by our inspectors. This is something that would be dealt with by Metro Police.

The SPCA responds to and investigates allegations of cruelty or neglect of animals (caused by people) in terms of the Animals Protection Act (71 of 1962).

She added: “In cases where an animal has caused injury to a person, the injured party would have the following options:

  1. A charge against the owner of the animal in terms of the Animal Matters Amendment Act (42 of 1993) – to be investigated by SAPS.
  2. A charge in terms of the city by-laws. These vary according to the municipality, which governs that area – to be investigated by Metro Police.
  3. A civil case, in which the injured party could sue the owner of the animal and claim damages – to be dealt with by a private attorney.

Where an animal has caused injury to another animal, the owner of the injured animal would have the following options:

  1. A charge in terms of the city by-laws. The by-laws state the regulations in terms of the number of animals a person is allowed on their property – depending on the size of the property, the keeping of aggressive animals, roaming animals, nuisance animals, and so on. City by-laws are policed and enforced by Metro Police and the owner of the injured animal would need to report the incident to them for their investigation.If a charge is laid against the owner of the problem-causing animal, the case will be heard in court and a decision made by the presiding magistrate with regards to the fate of the dog if the owner is found guilty. Should the magistrate declare the animal must be euthanased, the SPCA may be called upon to assist with collection and euthanasia.
  2. The owner of the injured animal may be able to lay a charge regarding injury to property – to be investigated by SAPS.
  3. A civil case against the owner of the aggressive or problem-causing animal.”


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Erin Hanekom

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