Missing spaniel in beach pitbull attack found dead

RIP dear Millie

MILLIE, the cocker spaniel that went missing during Friday’s dog attack on Garvies Beach was found dead on the beach this morning, Sunday, 19 March.

Volunteers were set to search for the dog, but the tragic news of Millie’s death was related by Community Orientated Policing chairman, Rake Jeeves on Facebook this morning, as he offered his condolences to the family.

Meanwhile, Friday’s attack has stoked a debate on Facebook about nature versus nurture – some claiming pitbulls are inherently dangerous animals, while others vociferously insist it is wayward owners who raise the animals this way.

In response to the incident, Doreen Ingram Mendelson said on Facebook: “I strongly believe that its the owner’s fault. I also believe the pitbulls probably went for the other dogs and as an owner would do, tried to protect them and that’s how they got involved. I would find it very hard to believe the dogs went straight for the humans.” In response, DB Bell said: “Read about Cathy Wheatcraft, Clifford Wright, Xavier Strickland. They thought as you do, until they became pitbull aware. Your problem is thinking that bully dogs are like normal dogs. They are not.”


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Missing spaniel in beach pitbull attack found dead


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