UPDATE: Pitbull attack – dog or owners to blame?

FOLLOWING the dog attack on the Bluff’s Garvies beach this morning (17 March), Durban and Coast SPCA spokesman, Lindsey Concer stressed that it is a dog owner’s responsibility to keep their dogs safe and inside their property.

Two women, aged 20 and 50 and their dogs were severely injured after they were attacked by two pitbulls that were wandering around on Sloan Road near Garvies Beach. Rescue Care paramedics stabilised the injured women and one dog. The women’s other injured dog appeared to have fled in fear. It has yet to be found.

A question raised by social media users considered who was to blame, the dog or the owner.

Because of the stigma that hangs over the pitbull breed, some say the animal is too dangerous to keep around humans but on the other hand, as dog-lover and rescuer, Juanita Reynen said on the Southlands Sun Facebook group, the owner and authorities are to blame.

Social media users believes the owners are responsible for the dogs.



Reynen said:





“Owners must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I also blame the authorities for not responding appropriately to complaints from the public and rescuers regarding backyard breeding and poor living conditions of all dogs. Isn’t there an organisation with the mandate of prevention of cruelty to animals? It is also a bylaw violation to have a female in heat in a residential area so those with unsterilised females should be monitored and fined heavily. Where is Metro Police on this – I’m so tired of innocent animals paying the price for ignorant, arrogant individuals who were obviously not raised right. So tired of complaints and information given to the authorities being ignored unless there is a social media storm.”

Paramedic Garrith Jamieson treats the dog that was attacked by the pitbulls

There are many reasons why a dog would attack, according to SPCA’s Concer, most of which relate to protecting their territory or if they feel threatened. “If you do come across a hostile dog, do not make eye contact. Do not make any sudden/violent moves and remain still until they lose interest. If there is an attack or biting incident, the owners of the dog should be located (if available) as you need to get the vaccination card for the dog. “This is to ensure the dog has been vaccinated so you know if you need to get treatment for rabies or not. Get to a hospital as soon as possible for treatment,” said Concer.

Dogs escaping their yards or being let out can be a problem. “But remember, chaining a dog is illegal and cruel. It is suggested that a further fenced area is erected to keep your dogs in the back part of the yard, so that even if your gates are open, they cannot run out. It is an owner’s responsibility to keep their dogs safe, and keep them in the property,” she added.


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