R1,000 bail for baby Siwaphiwe accused

PHOTO: ECR crimewatch

BAIL of  R1,000 has been set in the kidnapping case of one-month old baby Siwaphiwe.

The bail was set in the Durban Magistrate’s Court for the baby’s mother and a man believed to be the child’s father.

The two appeared in court on Monday but the case was remanded until today (Wednesday 15 March) in the hope court-ordered paternity test results being received.

An unnamed Metro Police woman’s face shows the relief felt by Durbanites after Siwaphiwe Mbambo was found unharmed just after 1am this morning.


While the result have not been revealed yet, the previous charges of kidnapping have been withdrawn.

Last Friday, South Africa was gripped as the drama unfolded from a hijacking, to abduction and later a domestic dispute.  The car was later found abandoned in Montclair’s Moody Crescent but the baby and nappy bag were nowhere to be found. People gathered in their own search parties to look for the baby. While police ploughed massive resources into a search party.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 12 March the baby was found alive and well after police stopped a suspicious vehicle at the Marianhill toll plaza. They arrested three people, one being the mother and a man who turned out to be the mother’s boyfriend. The other woman was released due to insufficient evidence.



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