UPDATE: [VIDEO] Manhunt, aerial search recovers hijacked car, no baby

A massive manhunt launched to find the hijackers who stole a vehicle with an one-month-old baby has seen the vehicle being recovered in Montclair.

The baby is still unaccounted for and the hijackers are still at large.

Police have already removed the vehicle from Moodie Crescent in Montclair, where it was found at about 3pm, after a joint effort by several emergency services responders.

According to Kyle van Reenen, a Marshalls Security official who spoke to the Sun, the vehicle had a Netstar tracking device which was traced. A helicopter search was launched and it assisted in tracing the vehicle signal through Queensburgh’s Stella Road, Mount Vernon area and finally Montclair. Responders found the vehicle abandoned at the roadside in Moodie Crescent, near the primary school.

Police have already removed the vehicle to process DNA and fingerprint evidence.

This is a developing story which will be updated as information comes to hand.

WATCH VIDEO by Marshalls Security:


PHOTO: Marshalls Security

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Michellé Izatt
Managing Editor

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