Origin of road names in Woodlands and Montclair – part 2

Duncan Du Bois

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BENN Grove: Possibly named after Captain Benn who lost his life in 1880 during the Anglo-Zulu war.

Carmichael Place: WC Carmichael was a practising attorney in Natal from 1872 until the late 1890s.
Initially his law firm was called Carmichael and Hope. Later he took on Greene and Livingstone as partners.

Carolina Crescent: No local trace.

Cathcart Place: Named after Sir George Cathcart who was Cape Governor and High Commissioner of Southern Africa from 1852 to 1854.

Chandler Avenue: Only reference found was that John Chandler was a 1850 British settler.

Charles Mowat Road: A well-known, public spirited figure whose enthusiasm and generosity was responsible for the establishment of the Durban Wanderers Club now known as Mowat Park.
According to one source the club dates back to 1888.

Cloete Road: Probably named after Advocate Henry Cloete of the Cape Bar who played an important role in the late 1840s with regard to the land commission as established by Natal’s first Governor Martin West.

Collett Road: No particular link found. Edwin Collett was a settler in Natal during the 1870s and 1880s, but has no particular claim to fame. As a family name, Collett was related to the Grays who owned extensive property in the South Durban area a century ago.

Coulter Road: No relevant trace found.

Colt Place: No relevant trace found.

Crozier Road: In all likelihood named after Gibson Napier Holmes Crozier who owned a sugar estate at Clairmont, where he employed indentured Indian labour.
Archival reference to his insolvency in 1867 suggests he was among the many sugar planters who were victims of the financial slump in Natal of 1866 and 1867.

Delalle Road: Named after Catholic Bishop Henri Delalle (1869-1949) who spent most of his life in Natal.

Dodington Crescent: Probably named after the 499 ton British East India Company vessel which was wrecked in Algoa Bay in 1755 with a great loss of life.

Donovan Road: No local trace found.

Down Avenue: Neale Down was a local resident a century ago and a member of the South Coast Junction Local Health and Administration before Montclair, the Bluff and Seaview were incorporated into the Municipality of Durban in 1932.


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