Police claim victory in festive season crime fight

BRIGHTON Beach SAPS has hailed its festive season strategy to combat crime as a success.

During the festive season, which ran from 10 October to 31 January, the police participated in high visibility and intelligence driven operations, vehicle and foot patrols conducted, vehicle check points and road blocks and stop and search activities, along with corporate communications as part of the national operation ‘back to basics’ strategy.

“It is with sadness that we report on the drowning of an 18-month-old toddler which occurred in a private swimming pool. There were also two road fatalities in two separate incidents recorded within our policing precinct. Our condolences go to their families and friends,” said media officer, Captain Louise Le Roux.

According to the police, certain crimes remain problematic in the area, such as common assault, domestic violence and business robberies.

“Pockets of criminals operating through the Durban central, south and north coast region also target fuel stations, liquor outlets, jewellery stores and cellular mobile stores within our policing precinct. These groups are still at large and are being sought by police throughout the province.”

She said housebreakings were down, with a house robbery on the last day of the festive season period being the only recorded incident.

Hijackings, armed robbery, common robbery and vehicle-related crimes such as theft of, from and out of motor vehicles were also on the decrease, while a false case of vehicle-related crime was reported at a local shopping centre.

“Two cases of armed robbery (knocker crimes) were reported to be committed outside financial institutions. Upon further investigation it was proved that one of the cases was false. The complainant in this case disappeared without a trace.

With the strengthening of existing partnerships with internal and external law enforcement agencies, the operational support from security companies, including mall security, emergency services which included fire, ambulance, paramedic, sea rescue and the life guards on our beaches, and the dedication from all our women and men in blue, we were able to achieve positive results.”

Arrests for possession of banned substances amounted to 258 and 56 people were arrested for drunk driving, while 24 were charged with selling liquor without a license. A further 259 arrests were made for flouting municipal by-laws.

“Brigadier Carel Grobler andh the Brighton Beach SAPS management express their thanks and appreciation towards all roleplayers who made the 2016/2017 festive season a success. We also thank our residents and those who visited our policing precinct for taking the necessary precautions to safeguard their lives, their loved ones and property, which led to a stable festive season environment for all.”


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Erin Hanekom

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