Ward committee members still being vetted

BEFORE the elected ward committee members can begin their duties, they all have to undergo a thorough vetting process, according to ward 66 councillor, JP Prinsloo.

To clarify concerns raised by the community, Prinsloo provided information on the necessary steps the municipality takes before the elected officials can take over their portfolios.

“During November 2016, 10 residents were selected by the community to assist the ward councillor in an advisory capacity.

After the election took place, the following process had to be followed before any of the elected members can become official ward committee members:

1. Candidates were vetted to determine the following:theyhe/she can prove that arrangements for the settlement of the account have been made and remain in good standing for the duration of the term of office;

* The elected candidate was not an employee of the municipality;

* The elected candidate was not a community development worker or cadre/foot soldier appointed by any national or provincial government department;

* The elected candidate has not been convicted after February 1997 of an offence for which he/she was sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine for a period of not less than 12 months; and

* The elected candidate was not of unsound mind who has been declared so by a competent court.

2. Once the vetting process has been completed the elected candidates will be sworn in and undergo an induction seminar,” said Prinsloo.

The 10 elected ward committee members currently undergoing the vetting process for ward 66 are Louise Colvin, Gareth Bowden, Casey Pratt, Donovan Avenant, Duncan Pratt, Ivan Horner, Melissa Lee Devos, Ian van Biljon, Dave Neilsen and Zoe Moore.

Prinsloo added that the vetting process is done by the municipality, including the speaker of council without any input from any ward councillors.

“This process is still ongoing and no definitive date on when this process will be completed has been provided. Once this information becomes available it will be communicated to the community accordingly.

During the December and January council sitting, the speaker of council gave the clear directive to all councillors that no ward committees or elected ward committee members may represent or conduct any meetings or discuss and address community concerns until the process has been completed.

Until the process is completed, we as a community need to unite and ensure we have an open and frank discussion about the concerns facing our community and make a positive contribution in rectifying these problems,” said Prinsloo.

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Erin Hanekom

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