Warning against matric ‘pens down’ events

In a bid to halt the senseless loss of young adult lives, the KZN Department of Education warns all pupils against the undesirable practise of holding what is known as ‘pens down’ events at this time of the year.

This practise, which often has tragic results, sees school pupils and especially matriculants, celebrate the end of exams or the writing of the last big paper for the year with celebrations that involve the use of drugs or abuse of alcohol. This in turn leads to reckless behaviour, including sexual encounters and other maladies such as drinking and driving. In the past, these celebrations have ended in the death of some pupils.

“The KZN Department of Education urges all pupils to refrain from such practises. It does not make sense for a teen to spend 12 years in the system only to lose their life after  writing the final paper, thus cutting short their future. Finishing grade 12 is not the destination, but it should signal the beginning of a brighter future for any pupil. We urge parents to be vigilant and ensure they monitor their children’s whereabouts during this time,” said MEC Dlungwane.

The MEC also urges pupils to stop the practise of destroying their school uniforms at this time of the year. “Pupils in grade 12 must not destroy their uniform, but must ensure they give to other needy pupils who could make good use of them,” he said.

Michellé Izatt
Managing Editor

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