Survival of the fittest at Wessa holiday project

Children learn to work together during Wessa's Survivor holiday programme.

SURVIVING no matter what is thrown at you was the name of the game during the Treasure Beach environmental education centre of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa’s (Wessa) holiday programme.

The ‘Survivor’ themed holiday programme for children on Wednesday and Thursday, 6 and 7 July saw 32 children learn the necessary skills to work together and tackle any problem.

“These activities enabled these survivors to work together as a team, improve their communication among one another and evoked a sense of responsibility in all of them,” said senior education officer, Dudu Vilane-Ntombela.

The aim of the programme was to prepare the youngsters for situation.

“The important aspect is not to panic but think of how you can get help or come out of the situation unharmed. Learning to keep calm in all given situations is important, as this can enable you to think logically. Thinking straight means you are able to make rational decisions and therefore survive, no matter how bad the situation may be.”

The children were taught to be responsible for their own lives and to report any suspicious behaviour.

“There is so much to learn at our holiday programmes. Look out for the upcoming one in September.”

Erin Hanekom

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