Police warn of new bylaw enforcement

NEW municipal bylaws have been enacted, which the police warn will be enforced stringently.

The new bylaws which were implemented this month which is called the nuisances and behaviour in public places by-law, is aimed to regulate and conduct behavior that can cause discomfort, nuisance or annoyance in a public place and to prevent it efficiently.

MONTCLAIR SAPS communication officer, W/O Poobalan Marimuthu has released a warning to the public within the Montclair policing area about the new bylaws that have been implemented.

The public are warned to be aware that if any offenses are committed, fines will range from R200 to R5,000. Bylaw violations include drinking and being intoxicated in public, which can attract a R2,500 fine. According to eThekwini Municipality; any offender under the by-law is ” liable to a fine not exceeding R40,000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years, or to both. In the case of continued offences, an additional fine of an amount not exceeding R200 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 days, for each day on which the offence continues, will be imposed.”

Offenses such as loitering, littering and dumping all fall under the new bylaw and the public is urged to acquaint themselves with other offenses such as:

  • Vegetation;
  • Hanging of items on fences, wall, balconies and verandas,
  • Noise;
  • Litter;
  • Conduct regarding vehicles such as washing and repairing vehicles in public spaces;
  • Obstructing, blocking or disturbing traffic and pedestrians;
  • Excavation in public places;
  • Weed-killers, herbicides, poisons and pesticides,
  • Vandalism of municipal property and
  • Nuisance arising from the use of premises.

“We will not take any offense lightly and anyone who chooses to ignore the new bylaws will be dealt with,” said W/O Marimuthu.

For more information on the new by-laws visit www.durban.gov.za/Resource_Centre/Pages/By-Laws.aspx

Read more about the bylaws here:

UPDATE: Communities question by-laws

Lauren Beukes

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