Man (50) found with heroin straws

The drugs found on the 50-year-old

A SATURDAY afternoon patrol turned successful when Wentworth SAPS members Captain Lawrence Lottering and Cnst Hassan Khan arrested a 50-year-old man who was found with what is suspected to be heroin.

The patrolling officers received an anonymous tip-off about a man who believed to be peddling drugs. After given a detailed description of the 50-year-old, they began to monitor him at a house in Teak Place, Wentworth. After a while they noticed him leaving his home and walk up the road. He spotted the officers and recognised one of them, causing him to flee.

The officers gave chase and eventually collared him.

They searched the suspect and found a tightly knotted cloth in his pocket. Some 50 green straws of what is suspected to be heroin was found.

He was arrested and taken to the station where he was booked. He appeared in court on January 18 and was charged for the possession of heroin.

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Lauren Beukes

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