Protect children against gun violence

BRIGHTON Beach SAPS media officer, Captain Louise Le Roux offers these guidelines to parents to protect their children against firearm violence:

  • Ensure your firearms are kept in a firearm safe and children don’t have access to the safe keys.
  • Teach your children that a gun can kill and that it is against the law for a child to handle one.
  • Teach your children that a firearm is a deadly weapon and not a toy.
  • Young children should not operate an airgun or rifle without adult supervision.
  • Teach your children that shooting any object or even just into the air with an airgun or rifle in a built-up area is a crime.
  • If you have very small children, it is advisable to teach them the following basic safety rules if they see a firearm: Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.
  • Although airguns and rifles have been deregulated, the abuse of such is regarded as a crime when used in the commission of an offence. For example:

o By pointing an airgun or rifle in the direction of another person and threatening to cause harm.

o Shooting at another person with the intention to harm the individual.

o Causing damage to property when discharging an airgun or rifle.

o Harming or killing any animal.

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